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Contactless Key

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Contactless Key

Do you have a lot of membership cards, discount cards or just valuable pieces of plastic with barcodes or 2D codes on it? Would like to use your new Apple Watch as a gym membership key? Now it's possible with Contactless Key app. Add favorite code-containing cards to the app, attach relevant locations to them and quickly access them from your iPhone or Apple Watch.


- Access your codes from iPhone or Apple Watch.
- Scans and adds most of the existing 1D (barcode) or 2D (like QR or Aztec) codes.
- Set name and notes for a code to help you distinguish them. Remember, they are made for the machines, not humans.
- Set any number of relevant locations for a code, so when you open an app, the most relevant will be first in a list.

Note about old 1D codes:

Since 1D codes are usually scanned by laser scanners that have difficulty recognizing the code from LCD screen. 2D codes are recognized optically and work well on LCD screens.

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Aleksandr Vlasov