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Contactless Business Card Pro

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Contactless Business Card Pro

⊙ Do you want a heavy hard-copy cards in you pocket?
- No
⊙ Do you want a traditional communication?
- No

⊙ Do you want a new e-Business Cards?
- Yes
⊙ Do you want a modern communication?
- Yes
⊙ Do you want a new way working?
- Yes
⊙ Do you want make a strong impression on your partners?
- Yes

eBizCard: Contactless Business Card is a smart contactless solution for you:
⊙ Digitalize the way you share your own business cards to your partner
- No paper
- No lost
- No spelling your contact to your partner

⊙ Contactless Business Card
- Easy to use
- Easy to share
- More professional
- New way communication
- Totally free and offline working

- Auto transform your hard-copy cards to eBizCard
- Fast and smart base on AI
- Share contacts as a QR Code

⊙ iOS 14 widgets
- Display your business card and QR code on home screen
Khang Le