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Constant Metronome

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Constant Metronome

A metronome as beautiful as your musical instrument. The most delightfully designed tempo experience yet.

Accurately timed and naturally toned, Constant was designed with users in mind.

- Intuitive to use, pleasant design.
- Color splashed playlist with ease to access.
- Simple & convenient reference tuner.

Words from our patrons:

* Elegant - The design and function are simple and straightforward. Look no further for the best all-around metronome.

* Lovely, modern, and useful Metronome! - Musicians and Music Teachers will love this app! It does so much more than a traditional metronome for a fraction of the price, plus you always have it with you! I loved the "Tap Tempo" feature where you could set your own tempo and found it useful when working with children and teaching them about ...

* This is a really great app. I really enjoyed using it. It has very nice interface elements and options for you to customize. It's easy to use and I think every musician should try it out. Especially useful is the colored background that matches the tempo. Although there are other metronome-type apps around I found this one to be the best. Great job.

* I was a bit hesitant to get this app at first since there were many other free ones... but it turned out to be very useful and feels apple-esque. Nice!

* What an amazing app! Once I played with it and learned how to use it...I was so impressed. Great app!

* Simple is beautiful - The catch of this app is to integrate functional sense into an ultra-simple interface.

Download your copy today.
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