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Conjour is a tool that helps you reflect on your day and increase self-awareness. It is a place to journal and share both the ups and downs of your day, not just your highlights.


• Create your own prompts or choose from the collection of community prompts. Always have something to journal about. And every day there's a new prompt for you. We want to build the best collection of journaling ideas and prompts, so we've made it easy to create and share new prompts.

• Create entries from your Apple Watch.

• Prompt Sets: prompt sets divide up your prompts into Morning, Day, and Evening Sets, so you can build your journal around when you journal.

• Each day of your journal is a chat room; talk about your struggles and your wins in real time; post messages, photos, and GIFs, see who's online. Find support for something you're struggling with or celebrate wins and victories.

• One on one chat: share your journal entries privately via chat.

• Share your journal entries anonymously with the community.

• Quickly add a journal entry from notifications and reminders.

• Precisely track and journal your mood by choosing from 100+ emotions/feelings to add to your entries. Help yourself understand what you're really feeling with more than just a choice between a happy or sad face; we are deeper than that!

• Add photos from your photo library or camera to each journal entry.

• Granular share settings so each day you can choose what to keep private and what to share.

• Write down unprompted thoughts in the Free Write area.

• Touch and Face ID support for locking your journal.

Everything is private by default. If you'd like to share but would rather be anonymous, head over to settings and turn on Share Anonymously!
Kriztopher Mendoza