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Congress Enterprise

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Congress Enterprise

Note: This application is for enterprise users only and not for individual sale. If you want to purchase our award-winning directory for the first session of the 117th Congress as an individual, please search for "CongressPro" on the App Store.


Introducing Congress in Your Pocket, Enterprise Edition, for the second session of the 117th Congress (2021).

Once you sign in using the password provided by your organization, you will have access to Congress like no other application on the App Store. In addition to having the most complete mobile directory of members and committees available, you'll be able to share information with your colleagues like never before from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.


Now in iOS and iPadOS 14 you can add Widgets to your home screen showing when if the House and Senate are in session and if not, when they reconvene. Widgets update every 20 minutes, which come in white, black, or respond to your system settings.


For each member of Congress, this app offers a thumbnail and high-resolution photo, contact information, district maps, a short bio, social media links, capitol staff names and email addresses, legislative information, committee pages and member assignments updated as they are posted, campaign information and ratings from the ACU, AFL-CIO, Cook Political Report’s PVI, Inside Politics with Nathan L. Gonzales Political Report, and Sabato's Crystal Ball.

Always be prepared to talk with a member of Congress or their staff with the ability to read previous meeting notes from your colleagues. You will be able to add/edit/delete your notes and download all of them for use in logging meetings, client briefing documents, or other organizational software.

This application offers several ways to view the directory: In addition to a powerful Search function, you can see members of Congress, the House of Representatives, or the Senate by last name or state/district, and by your current location. Scroll lists of Senate and House Committees and Subcommittees, as well as Freshmen, Open Seats, Vulnerable Seats, and Mehlman’s quarterly strategic presentations.

Other features include the ability to locate members based on your current location, set and reorder bookmarks, see congressional office maps, check campaign financial information from, and search the official legislative database. This application updates over the air on a continual basis so you'll always get the very best information we have.


Add a quick-launch complication to your watch face and access the 116th Congress from your wrist, bookmarks from your iPhone, and members by your current location. Select your party highlighting or just your favorite color: blue, gold, green, grey, orange, purple, or red. Tap on the thumbnail photo and get a full screen picture. Tap to call, check the Twitter feed, dictate or chose a short note, or get the DC office map. Information includes office address, what percent they won their last election with, Sabato's Crystal Ball for the upcoming race, and a short biography.
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