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Compound Interest Solver

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Compound Interest Solver

Start your journey to becoming wealthy today! Compound Interest Solver quickly calculates the future value of savings and how fast an investment will double.

Compound Interest Solver incorporates interest rate, initial principal, monthly contribution, years of growth, and compound frequency to calculate compound interest.

Becoming a millionaire is a combination of focus and time. Imagine you start by saving $1000 and contribute $200 a month. After 40 years at 10% interest (average return of S&P 500), you will have $1.2 million!

The power of compound interest quickly doubles an investment. At 10% interest (average return of S&P 500), the value of your assets will double every 7.2 years.

iPhone features:
- Solve for the future value of an investment
- Graph the growth of investments
- Calculate debt repayment schedules
- Compute the time it takes for investments to double
- Display the value of an investment by year
- Display the value of contributions and profit by year
- Easily copy calculated values

Apple Watch features:
- Calculate compound interest
- Compute investment doubling time
- Solve for simple interest
Sean Coughlin