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Complicate It 2

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Complicate It 2

Customize the complication on your Apple Watch! 

Do you need to remember somebody's name? A phone number? How much you spent on lunch? A security code? Want to give yourself an inspirational message?

Complicate It.

Complicate It 2 is the best way to program and customize your watch. Using the iPhone app, you can create what we call "widgets" to put directly onto your watch face. You can choose to put them on your watch immediately or you can schedule them for a later date or time.

Some things you can do with widgets:

• Type anything and put it on your watch face. Even emojis.
• Timers.
• Countdowns to big days.
• Your favorite quotes.
• Motivate yourself in common struggle areas.

The app also allows you to customize your watch face a bit further with Badges. Badges are icons or photos that you can use to decorate the circular complication slots on your watch face. Color Badges and photos are only available on the Infograph and Infograph Modular watch faces.

If you're worried about putting secure information on your clock face, fear not. When you lock your watch, the app hides whatever you've set as your current complication. This is to allow you to feel secure in whatever you choose to set as your complication. Nobody will see it but you.

The app is free to download with the option to subscribe.

A subscription to the app unlocks:
• The ability to set widgets for longer than an hour.
• The ability to schedule widgets for later times.
• The ability to use color badges.
• The ability to upload photos to use as badges.

Free users will be able to test out each of the widgets, as well as the non-color badges. Widgets will expire after an hour after setting them.

Privacy policy and terms of service:
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