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Complete ABG

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Complete ABG

This app helps in ABG diagnosis and make understanding this complex subject easy.
It is designed as H and and puts the HH equation at the centre stage.

On the first screen it CLEARLY shows that bicarbonate is a calculated parameter.
Bicarbonate changes with change in pH and and CO2.
Play with the app to understand this relationship and by doing this you actually learn the HH equation.
This App. works in three steps
1. Bedside ABG.
2. Extended part.
3. Flow chart

1. Bedside ABG :
Useful for making decisions at the bedside.
Simple and clear it tells the user as to what matters at bedside.
Calculates AaDO2, on the basis of entered PaO2 and FiO2 values, considering atm.pressure of 760 mm Hg and Resp.Quotiant of 0.8. ( use our app on Aa for details )
2. Extended ABG :
Extended interpretation is provided on the basis of Anion gap, Delta Delta gap, Osmolar gap, Urinary Anion gap and urinary potassium level.
3. Flowchart :
Algorithm is available to learn the approach used in this app for arriving at the diagnosis.

Dr Satish Deopujari
Dr Lawrence Martin
Dr Vivek Shivhare
Dr Shruti Deopujari

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Disclaimer: This app is based on equations available publicly in Medical domain. The information contained on this app is intended for educational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice. You should consult a physician regarding medical diagnosis or treatment.
Satish Deopujari