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Compete Golf™

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Compete Golf™

You can now use your Apple Watch’s GPS for your location.

35,000 golf courses worldwide

All clubs mapped by our special team and no duplicate country clubs

Features Highlights:

Apple Watch:

* Can use Siri for green distance on Apple Watch
* Choose Apple Watch’s GPS to use for your location
* Enter score entirely on the Apple Watch
* Obstacle distances can be viewed on the Apple Watch
* Compete Golf now take advantage of Apple Watch features like Watch GPS, Haptic Engine, Digital Crown


* New full screen design for iPhone XR and above
* New statistics designs for easier reading
* Integration with Apple Health App - Track heart rate, steps, distances and calories burned for your round
* Ability to switch to another 9 hole course in the middle of your game
* Tournament - can create and join tournaments (requires data access during play)
* Compete in a tournament and view each competitor’s score and data - real time right in your App’s leaderboard
* Leaderboard shares players score just like professional tournament
* Ball path and real club distances - WITHOUT any extra input process to deal with, simply enter your score in our Tap & Go scoring system and all these information will be provided automatically
* Auto Driving Distances displayed every time you tee off
* No expensive tie in hardware to buy for all the above to work.
* Can be used during vacation where there is no data access (tournaments requires data access)
* Ball Path Tracking - let you view your shots on the map.
* Notes - to enter your own data (cheat sheet) for your special courses
* Statistics - FIR, GIR, accuracy, average putts …
* Smartly designed share out images of your scorecard and tournament for your round

Tap & Go Scoring System

We call this Tap & Go scoring. You press a stroke at the position where your ball is located. At Tee off… somewhere along the fairway…left rough/right rough….any other areas, sand etc etc. Then you tap the club you used. One tap for location and one tap for club, & go to the next place where your ball is located.

Each stroke and position is recorded with GPS. Compete Golf automatically records your position and statistics. We designed this so no extra process, sequence are needed to get your real course club distances. You tap your location, tap your club used and move on. It is that simple.

Please note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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