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ColorfulClouds Lite Weather is a global pioneer in minutely precipitation forecast using artificial intelligence algorithms based on weather radar maps.
「Minute-by-minute Precipitation Forecast」
Super accurate minute-by-minute precipitation forecast within two hours, so you can adjust your travel plans and those of your family in time.
「Global Weather Radar Animations」
The AI forecast network built by 700 weather radars allows you to see the real-time precipitation variations in your homeland or other foreign countries.
「All-round Weather Notifications」
Whether it's your current location or a favorite address, you can subscribe to precipitation notifications, warning information, and daily reports!
「National Air Quality Maps」
Experience the flow of the air with the historical AQI animations.
「Feedback on the Real-time Weather」
If the forecast is wrong, correct it yourself! Help improve the AI forecast model by poking down lightly on the feedback weather button.
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