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Colordrop 2

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Colordrop 2

Colordrop is an advanced color picker which lets you capture and inspect the colors in your photos and palettes.

Capture colors from photos, then dive in to analyze them. See complementary colors, shades, tints, alternative color space values and much, much more.

Colordrop also has a powerful app extension, allowing you to capture colors from photos shared from other apps on your iPhone or iPad. And, you can get a quick look at your colors on your wrist with the Colordrop companion app for Apple Watch.

Start capturing from almost anywhere: from your photo library or camera, to almost any asset in your Adobe Creative Cloud libraries. Colordrop is designed to make it really easy to get started, whether you're a professional designer or a newcomer.

In Colordrop 2, we've enhanced a number of key features to make inspecting colors even better. From a completely redesigned capturing experience and inspect view, to new color data and deeper integration with third-party services.


Accurate color information available right at your fingertips. From basic RGB values, complementary colors, shades and tints, to CIE Lab, HSL values and tones. Colordrop 2 now includes even more color data, including Square and Analogous colors, as well as new color space support.


Get at-a-glance information about the last 3 colors you captured with the Today widget. Tap on a color to open in the app, or, quickly start capturing again by using the Add button.


When capturing colors, you’ll see a preview of that color. This is the Color Loupe in action. It’s dynamic, meaning it moves and adjusts to the color you are hovering over, as well as where it is on screen. When you want to save a color, it offers up a handy save button too.


Deep integration with Adobe Creative Cloud makes it easy to import photos, colors, color themes, PSD files, and other assets directly in to Colordrop. You can also save colors in to your libraries, right from within the app.

And, your colors are synced with iCloud, meaning they are available instantly across all of your devices. You’ll never have to worry about remembering color codes again.


New features in Colordrop 2 make it easy to get started with inclusive designs. Quickly check the contrast of your colors against the WCAG standard, and see how colors may appear to people with visual impairments such as color blindness.

There are dozens of other features available throughout the app. Download Colordrop today to start capturing and inspecting.

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