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Colorado NOAA Radar with Traffic Camera 3D

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Colorado NOAA Radar with Traffic Camera 3D

This is a free version with limited features. Purchase the Pro version for the full features and TVOS (Universal Purchase)

The Next Generation of Traffic Cameras and NOAA Radar app for Colorado/Denver is here (This app is part of the Universal Purchase. With one purchase, you will be able to see the Colorado Traffic Cameras on your iOS, Watch OS and Apple TV devices.)

iOS App Quick Started:
> Radar images will be loaded when the app is launched and will be refreshed every 10 minutes. And you are ready to see the latest real time radar images on the map. Zoom in and out to see the whether across multiple states. Click on the "Radar" button to enable/disable radar images. Slide the slider to change the transparency of radar images.

> To see the Denver 3D View, follow the steps below:
1. Select "Flyover" on the top to enable 3D View
2. Select "Denver" from the right sidebar and you are ready to see 3D City View (use two-fingers gesture to change viewing angles: zoom in/out, rotate, swipe up/down)

> Click on any traffic cameras on the map and you are ready to view traffic camera. Click on the traffic cameras button on the layer selection to enable/disable traffic cameras.

Watch App Quick Started:
> Launch the Watch App and the app will communicate with the iOS App to get the nearest Traffic Cameras information and also notify the iOS App to select and view the Traffic Cameras. Click on the "Nearest" button if you would like to search the nearest camera again.

This app is the Next Generation of Traffic Cameras and NOAA Radar app by integrating the following technologies and data together:
- The latest Apple MapKit features such as Traffic, Buildings, POI and 3D Model
- Apple Watch Integration with iPhone.
- Apple TV integration (Universal Purchase: one purchase to get the app on iOS, Apple Watch and Apple TV)
- Traffic Cameras (Static or Real Time image)
- Road Conditions (Under development)
- Real Time NOAA Radar
- Databases with built in information.

This app provides the following features:
- The first app to integrate both traffic cameras and the latest national Radar images together.
- The first app to provide traffic cameras and Radar images in 3D view.
- One click location switch by selecting the right sidebar and click on a location
- One click feature switch by selecting the left sidebar and click on a feature
- One click theme switch by selecting the left sidebar and click on a theme.
- One click layer switch by clicking on traffic cameras, state park, rest area and airport to turn on/off a layer.
- This app provides the Apple Watch Integration
Jufen Chang