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Color Me Confused

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Color Me Confused

You just tap out the sequence presented to you. What could be easier? How could that be confusing? You get to pick your game, your level, what colors you like, what tones you’d like to assign to each square and so on. With 7 modes to choose from you’ll find your favorite, and you’ll take your time until you are proficient. Then, you’ll continue on to the next level. From the most basic level up until you tear your hair out in frustration, there’s something for everyone. No matter which mode and level you play when you’re staring blankly at the screen with a confused look on your face just remember you’re not alone.

Simple – This level is excellent for kids as well as those of us attempting to keep our brain exercised. It comes up without sound, just in case you’re in a boring meeting or conference call. However, you can assign sounds of your choice to the different colors in the square. It builds on itself. No crazy pattern changing or other tricks (uh-oh, foreshadowing). As you get better at it, you can adjust your level to make it more challenging.

Moving Day – This level is more challenging. You’re still building on the pattern, but this time the colored squares keep shifting positions. Depending on how your brain processes things, this can really pose a challenge. You’re aiming for colors, but they’re not where they just were. Definitely more difficult AND you can adjust your level to make it even harder.

Top or Bottom – Now your squares are divided into two each. Top half and bottom half. The pattern still builds on itself, but you will have a sequence where you have eight different possibilities of where you need to aim. And yes, adjustable to make it harder. (Why why why do you want it harder??)

Sweet Sixteen – Four colors. Sixteen squares. Same basic premise as the rest, but way more to keep track of. Also adjustable from Beginner – Grand Master.

Playing by Ear – Guaranteed to confuse you. You’ve assigned a specific sound to each of your four squares. They stay put, but the color is no longer there, only the sound. You are truly playing by ear. Also builds on its pattern as you get further and further.

Memory Loss – No repetition. Every sequence is fresh, new, and different. And challenging. And aggravating. And brain-stretching. You can do it! (I can’t, but you can. I believe in you.)

Location, Location, Location – No colors. Just the flash, indicating where to touch. Builds on itself.
Stephen Henrichon