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Colliga is a platform for mental health monitoring and intervention recommended by top psychologists, therapists, and mental health experts. Colliga enables users to easily and inexpensively build, access, and share digital therapies through smartphones and wearable devices.

Colliga connects:
(1) researchers building digital therapies
(2) therapists prescribing them to patients
(3) anyone interested in enhancing their own well-being

Researchers can use the Colliga web app's intuitive point-and-click interface to build digital therapies and share (or even sell) them. Colliga's therapy designer is incredibly flexible, allowing for bidirectional data flow. That is, researchers can send prompts, exercises, and activities for patients to complete, while also collecting information about responders' mood states and well-being. Interventions built in Colliga can dynamically respond to data (e.g., sending a message when someone with alcohol use disorder enters a bar or liquor store). Currently, using integrations with HealthKit and Fitbit, Colliga can capture collect over 100 sources of data (e.g. sleep, heart rate, physical activity, GPS location, social media activity, phone use, and more). New features and technologies that (increasingly) use artificial intelligence for automated mood tracking, for example, vocal recognition, sentiment analysis of speech, and detection of pitch and tone are constantly being added. Colliga's therapy designer was created to be as broadly powerful as possible to enable users to build any kind of digital therapy they can imagine.

Therapists can search for and buy or subscribe to the therapies designed by researchers. They can then administer them on their patients' smartphones and wearables and log in to the website to view their patients' progress on the dashboard. The system can be used as a standalone treatment or as an adjunct to traditional therapy, with exercises to be completed between sessions.

You don't need to be a researcher or a therapist to benefit from Colliga. Anyone can use Colliga to search for and buy or subscribe to health and well-being tools (e.g., calming meditation exercises) for use on their smartphones and wearables, then can use our dashboard to track progress over time.
Colliga Apps Corp.