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Colgate Smile

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Colgate Smile

Get in sync with your smile. The Colgate Smile experience was designed by dentists and scientists and perfected by users like you. The result? Innovative, easy-to-use brushes that give you the ultimate clean mouth.

The Colgate Smile App is the key to unlocking the abilities of your Colgate smart toothbrush.
It connects to your brush via Bluetooth to give you a precise, personalized brushing experience, see exactly where you brushed your teeth, and where you missed a spot.

On the app you will be able to use:
- Mouth Map: See your mouth from the inside—get an accurate mapping of your mouth every time you brush! The advanced combination of sensors detect, in real time across 16 brushing zones, the exact position and orientation of the brush.

- Guided Brushing Coach: The app has a built in coach mode, the brush will detect where in your mouth you are, and prompt you to change zone to help you perfect your brushing technique.

- Never miss a session: No more need to have your phone with you to brush your teeth! Our smart brushes record your brushing data and automatically synchronizes with your phone to your data is there when you need it

- Personalized insights: See all of your brushing data laid out in your personal profile tab. We use smart technology to find trends, suggest challenges and help coach you to brush better.
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