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Cold Water Therapy

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Cold Water Therapy

Cold Water Therapy also referred to as Cold hydrotherapy, has been used for hundreds of years in many various races and cultures. This therapy is essentially about spending time in cold water. This is often not some adventure or fun thing but this immersion in cold water features a lot of health benefits associated with the digestive, lymphatic and immune systems. These benefits could be the rationale for tons of individuals to require a plunge!

Now that you simply know most of the main health benefits of Cold Water Therapy, the question is the way to incorporate it into your routine or schedule. this is often nothing to stress about as this is the subsequent thing you’re getting to realize. the most thing is to understand that inducing cold water into your routine won't be a really pleasant experience within the beginning. So it might be wise for you to start slowly, take baby steps towards it.

With Cold Water Therapy develop a healthy lifestyle and track your progress with the assistance of the following:
• Just push the Timer once you can take a chilly shower/ Ice bath/ lake water / sea bath / swimming / cold river bath and set an alarm and temperature of the water.
• You can set an alarm to alert you when you need to go out of the water.
• You can set the water temperature.
• Monitor your progress whenever you get into the water and see how far you've got come.
• Keep a track of your pulse and other essentials while you're inside cold water.
• Cold water therapy app is synchronized with Apple Health.
• Get a monthly summary of your pulse also as time spent in cold water.

Features of Cold Water Therapy:
• User accounts
Simply create your account with Apple ID or Google and begin a big journey today.
• Tracking
Have all of your statistics under one roof to trace your progress.
• Heart rate
Make sure your heart is doing well also.
• Location
Show off where you're enjoying cold water today.
• Notes
How did you feel? Memorize the instant in notepad.
• Calendar
Keep track of which days you have been in cold water.
• Timer
Each second in cold water counts. Set your goal and obtain ready.
• Share progress
Tell the planet about your today’s achievement and encourage others.
• Edit notes
You can edit or delete your listing

Our developers have made this incredible app for tracking your health progress with the utilization of Cold Water Therapy. We hope you'll like our app. Please share our app with your friends and family and provides us your feedback if you've got any suggestions to form your experience even better.
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