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Coinswipe ICO Rating Platform

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Coinswipe ICO Rating Platform

Coinswipe – “Like Tinder for Scoring ICOs” – is the crowdsourced data platform for ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings).

Browse key attributes, cash on cash price history, management team, technology and road-maps extracted from token whitepapers and contributed by other users. A secondary purpose and feature of the app is the ability to vote on whether you think a given attribute is reliable (swipe right) or unreliable (swipe left) indication of what the project and team will actually accomplish for coin and token holders.

The cryptocurrency market is exploding. Since inception the value of Bitcoin has grown by over 2 million times its early price. Not just Bitcoin (BTC), but other coins like Ethereum (ETH), DASH, Ripple (XRP), NEM (XEM) and Litecoin (LTC) have produced multi-thousand percent returns over their initial prices. With initial coin offerings, or ICO's, such as the EOS ICO, which raised over $4 billion, rivaling venture capital returns, a third capital market and a third Internet, the internet of value, have emerged.

Sounds like an easy way to invest in both cryptocurrencies and companies, right? Wrong. ICO's are subject to a lot of risk, especially from hackers, scammers and fake companies.

Coinswipe crowd wisdom is the solution.

We created Coinswipe to solve the problem of knowing which ICOs to invest in by utilizing the power of the crowd. We believe that if an incentivized crowd analyzes the potential of ICO's, they can help filter out clutter from the messy world of cryptocurrencies and can prevent many new investors from falling into the traps of scammers looking to make a quick buck. We want the crowd to separate the rock stars from the ripoffs and help make the crypto community make better decisions as a group by utilizing each other's knowledge.

Think of Coinswipe as the Tinder for ICO's - just like you swipe right for someone you like and left for someone you don't on Tinder, you can also swipe right if you feel that an ICO’s team has potential and left if you feel it lacks potential or is just another shady scam. Coinswipe will reward you with points for filtering out the weak projects and identifying the best ones. If your predictions were helpful to the community, points can be exchanged for tokens after a one year review period.

Some tokens in Coinswipe have very little information while other ICOs have comprehensive details about the team working on it, the technologies being used and other relevant information to help you make just the right choice. Coinswipers that contribute new data through the app earn even more points if their contributions are accurate, but lose points if their contributions are inaccurate!


- A playlist of over 1,000 coins, tokens and cryptocurrencies
- Crowdsourced data and details about an ICO project team, token terms, total addressable market (TAM), technology, timeline and much more
- Token rewards for identifying or filtering out ICO projects accurately
- Additional rewards for contributing more information pertaining to an ICO
- History of the return on investment till date of the project and much more!

Coinswipe is the best solution for new and experienced ICO enthusiasts. Download today and be part of a community working towards the collective good of the ICO and blockchain market by helping cut out the clutter and separate the winners from the losers.
Lorenzo Carver