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Coinsuper is a Hong Kong-based digital currency exchange and custody platform, supporting varieties of Crypto-Crypto trading pairs, and especially many Crypto-USD trading pairs, which allow users to use US dollars to exchange with crypto currencies directly and conveniently. The crypto currency market always changes in a volatile way. Users can utilize the Crypto-USD trading to avoid risks quickly, protect their acquired gains, or exchange their needed crypto currencies with only one time purchase.
Since its establishment in 2017, Coinsuper has been aiming to promote democracy in financial markets, continuously strengthen the liberalization and security of virtual currency assets, and comply with the highest industry standards to ensure the safety of users’ assets.

Product advantages

Fiat currency channel: supporting a variety of fiat currencies transactions such as US dollar, EURO, and remittance of debit cards, credit cards and many other forms of deposit.

Professionalism & Security: independently researched and developed trading matching system, four-dimensional security protection system and cluster architecture design to guarantee the security of users' assets and information.

Varieties of currencies: supporting more than 80 crypto currencies and 100 trading pairs, and listing hot projects every month.

Compliance: adhering to the compliant, stable and sustainable development.

1.Varieties of Crypto-Crypto and Crypto-USD trading pairs.
2.Professional and real-time trading data display.
3.Market order, Limit order, Market with Protection order, and Stop Limit order meeting with users’ various trading needs.
4.Purchasing mainstream crypto currencies with “1 Snap” function conveniently and swiftly.
5.Complete API functions: REST, Websocket, FIX, etc.