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Coin Toss & Die Roll

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Coin Toss & Die Roll

A simple, intuitive, easy-to-use, lightweight app to flip a coin or roll a dice.

Intuitive and simple UI
Free to use
No permissions required
Haptic feedback on your wrist
Sound on each roll and flip so that you know no-one is cheating
No BS, jump directly to using

This is a simple and easy to use app that lets you roll a dice or flip a coin without any BS. Open the app and jump directly to playing your favourite board game.

Dice roll
Do you dread plying your favourite board game just because you need to look for the dice you had lost? Or afraid that your toddler might swallow the little dice?
This app is for you. Just open the app and just right into enjoying your favourite board game with your family and friends without wasting any time scouring for the small little dice that you might have lost.

Coin Toss
Trying to take a decision but cant? That small little question stuck in your head “Should I buy the PS5 or the Xbox series X”? Just flip a coin from your wrist and let the fate decide or as they say “Flip a coin and your heart will tell you what you really want”.
Kalash Khator