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by i2Dx
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by i2Dx
CogWatch challenges your cognitive abilities with an exciting new wearable game on your Apple Watch! Test your memory with your watch in less than a minute and have fun on the go. It’s the perfect game for when you only have a minute or two to spare.

To play, you will be shown a sequence of 20 pre-set images in total. If the image has already been shown in the sequence, click the image as fast as you can. After all of the images are shown, the test is over and you will have your results, which include the number of correct clicks, number of errors, and average time.

The number of correct clicks represents the number of repeated images that were correctly clicked. The number of errors indicates the sum of incorrect clicks and repeated images that were not clicked. Average time is the average amount of time in seconds that it took to correctly click the repeated images. Your results are stored locally on your Apple Watch, where you can monitor and compare your past 5 results.

From the accompanying iPhone App, you can enable the Custom Photos option to send your personal photos (minimum of 20 images) from your iPhone to your Apple Watch to use in place of the pre-set images. We recommend choosing photos that are not visually similar.

NOTE: CogWatch is not intended for diagnosis or for clinical measurement, monitoring, or decision-making. Measurements, statistics, and results are provided for entertainment purposes only.
CogWatch requires an Apple iPhone running at least iOS 9 and an Apple Watch running at least watchOS 2.

Features in Version 1.0:
• Ability to enable/disable haptics during the test
• Ability to use your personal photos for the test
• Ability to graphically track your last 5 results