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Code Snap UPC

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Code Snap UPC

Code Snap helps you access The Uniform Plumbing Code without searching through hundreds of pages or using your device's data. Code Snap references the most commonly used code needed on the job to cut down code book time.

● Quick Access To The Essential Tables
● Calculator Feature For Filtering Code
● Color Coding Per National Standards
● Designed for Experienced Plumbers On The Job

Whats Inside:
● Water fixture unit values, meter & main sizing, flushometer sizing, hot water heater sizing & common ​requirements.

● Waste fixture unit values, drain & vent sizing, trap arm & clean out sizing, GPM values & interceptor sizing, roof drain sizing, cross sectional area 1-1/4" through 12".

● Pipe bracing for common materials.

● Natural gas fuel pipe sizing, BTU's for common fixtures.

● Medical fuel sizing, medical color codes & pressure ratings, minimum inlet/outlet locations per medical station, medical fuel flow requirements & horizontal bracing.

● Interactive vertical & horizontal wet venting.

● Interactive ADA (American Disabilities Act) standards for public facilities.

Code Snap is based on The 2012 Uniform Plumbing Code and the research findings Of IAPMO. All idea's, procedure's, process, system's, method's of operation, concept's, principle's, and discovery's, are referenced directly from The 2012 Uniform Plumbing Code Chapter 610.8. Code Snap was made for experienced Plumbers, by experienced Plumbers so that finding code used on the job can be quickly referenced.

Code Snap Does Not Replace Your U.P.C. Code Book. Every Plumber must have a code book to reference along side Code Snap in order to understand and obey the plumbing "law" in your state.

Code Snap is an on-going independent private effort that is not affiliated with IAPMO in any way. your input helps the development of code snap so we can make positive changes towards the future.
Jeff Hyde