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Code CPR 5

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Code CPR 5

Code CPR allows for the quick and easy timing and registration of events during incidents or medical procedures in the emergency room, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

In this environment it is important, yet very difficult, to maintain a reliable record of what is happening, as well as to accurately record the amount of elapsed time. It was to assist those who are likely to perform these functions that this app was created.

• Easy to use event logging. The app comes with around 100 events in several predefined categories (drugs, procedures and other events), with the possibility of adding many more. These can marked as favorites for easy selection, or searched for by name and category.
• Logging the amount of time elapsed since activation.
• Audio and visual alarms for events.
• A log book for past events, with the date and time during the procedure in which they were added. They can be exported in text format to either clipboard or e-mail.
• A metronome to facilitate the performance of cardiac massage with the correct frequency on your phone.
• Apple Watch Support with glances notifications and event logging.
Remarkable Edge, Lda