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Code Buster

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Code Buster

Code Buster is an ingenious and addictive brain teaser, exclusively designed and developed for Apple Watch.

Frustrating, rewarding and annoyingly addictive Code Buster is a game that will have you tapping away on your Apple Watch to unlock hidden treasures and win all manner of awards.

When the ancient Order of the Guardians feared that the Guild of Thieves had infiltrated their ranks they entrusted Truman, the Master of the Treasury, to secure all their riches.

He looked to his old acquaintance Tobias, a technician at the Ministry of Magik, to help him come up with a secure way of hiding their wealth.

Tobias created an ingenious cloaking device that could hide each horde of treasure, by entering a four-digit code onto an enchanted tablet. The holder of the tablet could then deactivate and unlock the treasure when needed.

Truman and Tobias spent years travelling the world hiding away the treasure but disaster befell The Order when their ship was attacked on their final voyage home. A lengthy battle ensued but eventually their ship was sunk and they and the tablet were lost forever.

Fast forward 1000 years and a young hacker, known as Headstock, was tinkering with some code to hack into his local wireless spectrum, when he stumbled across an anomaly in the list of available networks. Intrigued, he set about trying to hack into this network; on the 80th day, having worked around the clock, he cracked the code.

He got more than he bargained for!

Expecting to hack into some top-secret system, you can imagine his surprise when he uncovered a horde of amazing treasure that materialised before his very eyes.

Two years later Headstock had created an app for his Apple Watch that could help him discover and unlock similar treasure hordes. However, with seemingly no end to the number of hidden hordes, he needed help and so he set about recruiting a team of Code Buster’s to locate and unlock as much treasure as possible.

Your task is to unlock these treasure hordes using your Apple Watch.

By guessing correctly the 4 digit codes you will be rewarded with hidden treasures. Experience tells us that the fewer incorrect codes entered, the greater the value of the treasure found.

Along the way you will find some very rare gems, which will boost your standing within the Code Buster community and increase your wealth.

You’ll also be awarded skill badges as you successful crack more-and-more codes.

The most elite Code Buster’s, who unlock enough treasure hordes without entering any incorrect codes, will be awarded the ultimate in skill badges, which will increase the value of any future hordes unlocked.
Andrew Deeley