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We understand the creative process! It's about the inspired details that come to us along the way! These are fleeting and it's important to catch them.

CocoonWeaver offers you a safe, creative and reflective space to collect your thoughts, fleeting ideas, and inspired musings that often arise when you are on the go, or in the flow.

A powerful and creative audio-note taking tool!
Instead of tapping to write, speak what’s on your mind, when inspiration strikes.

CocoonWeaver harnesses the power of transcription (we call it weaving!), which lets you sort ideas easily by using simple voice commands! “Talking” your thoughts out loud enhances your creative thinking, is a natural and quick way to take note of the moment, and enables you to remain more in contact with the world around you.

Our community uses CocoonWeaver as a space for idea collection, or even as an instrument to store dreams.

Journal your days, plant that initial inspired seed of a song, gather fleeting ideas, recollect a meeting while it’s fresh in your memory, draft a letter during a walk, hold on to those “Aha!” moments or simply “talk” note of your everyday practicalities.

We wish you happy weaving!


- Automatic voice to text transcription
- Note taking / writing with keypad
- Voice activated sorting of recordings
- Creation of Cocoons with voice or tapping
- Sharing of audio and/or text notes
- Record in the shower or on-the-go with Apple Watch
- Access recording from iPhone Widgets
- Push notifications to keep in touch with content
- Global search of History
- Integrated maps for geotagged notes
- Unlimited categories with custom arrangement
- Unlimited audio recordings & lengths
- Export and share audio and transcriptions
- Recording & playback for AirPods and bluetooth headsets
- Works offline


We believe that people have a right to their own thoughts, without their data being exploited. Our design principles conform to the guidelines of The Center for Humane Technology and the GDPR. Everything you record stays encrypted on your device.


Please note:

- Offline mode for transcriptions works only on iPhone 5se and above
- The app works only in English


Read our privacy policy here:

Please get in touch with any feedback or suggestions: [email protected]

Thank you for using CocoonWeaver!
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