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Frictionless, creative and personal audio notes.

Instantly weave and sort ideas into colourful categories with your voice.
Your notes are reflected back to you, transcribed, and in a clean a minimalistic overview; searchable, editable and shareable.
One word categories, Cocoons, are paired with soothing and memorable colours so that you can easily remember a Cocoon, even when you are not looking at the screen.
We call it Offscreen Categorical Memory Retention. Stay connected to what you are doing, seeing or feeling without having to fumble your way through your phone and to a list first.


Gain perspective over your creativity, your thoughts, your life, and what really matters to you.

Thoughts & Ideas
A great companion, whether you're a writer, an entrepreneur, a comedian, a mother, a filmmaker, a hiker or a musician. Simply catch what comes along on your walks, on the road or anytime the spirit of Aha! pays you a visit. 

Journal & Reflect
How about writing with your eyes closed to help you recollect that dream, or name that feeling?
In addition to reading, listening back to a recording adds another, more immediate layer of experience to journaling.

Great Support for Neurodivergence
Voice is the fastest and most efficient way to stream our thinking out. CocoonWeaver is designed to help hold it for us so that we can let it go, and create head space.

"You have created something that I have been wanting for SUCH a long time. And you’ve done it brilliantly. I have autism and adhd, and trying to keep my thoughts, ideas, plans, etc. from quickly disappearing near impossible. It’s beyond frustrating. But your app has just clicked with my brain and made it so much easier to manage. It’s not cluttered or anxiety producing, and I really am grateful for it."
- A message we received from R.W.


Feature Highlights:

Recording / editing:
• Create voice notes or regular notes
 with ease
• Place notes on Cocoons (categories) with voice commands
• Edit and scrub while listening

Transcription / Recording:
• Automatic or Voice punctuation
• Lightning fast and accurate (avoiding loud background noises)
• Automatic and voice-command punctuation ,.!?

• Start & finish any note handsfree
• Double tap iPhone to start recording (iPhone accessibility settings)
• Record with Apple Watch

• On-Device transcription
• Everything encrypted and stored locally

(Full list of features below)


We are firm believers in creating human centred technology supporting self awareness, encouraging self reflection, activating creative thinking, and aiding our over-stimulated minds.

We love to spending time speaking with you help understand how to improve the app, so please reach out to us anytime you are experiencing issues or have ideas how we can improve! [email protected]

Neither we nor any 3rd party have access to the content you create in CocoonWeaver.

Thank you for the continued amazing feedback we receive. It keeps us going! We are looking forward to exploring this concept with you and are grateful for your trust.

We wish you happy weaving!



- On device and automatic voice to text transcription
- Voice and manual note taking / writing with keypad
- Voice activated sorting of recordings
- Creation of Cocoons with voice or tapping
- Sharing of audio and/or text notes
- Dark mode for ease on the eyes at night
- Recording on-the-go with Apple Watch
- Access recording from iPhone shortcuts
- Push notifications to keep in touch with content
- Global search of History
- Integrated maps for geotagged notes
- Unlimited categories with custom arrangement
- Unlimited audio recordings, transcription & lengths
- Export and share audio and transcriptions

Please note:
The app works only in English but Spanish, German and French will be supported in the near future.

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