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Do you want to know the origins of mixed alcoholic beverages and drinks that have made its history? Do you know who invented the John Collins? Have you even drink the Martinez? Do you want to know "historical" cocktail recipes and how they are changed over time?

CocktailsPlus is right for you!

• list of the entire IBA classification cocktail list (2011)
• "historical" drinks belonged to previous IBA classification or to have a story to tell!
• a detailed sheet for each cocktail with ingredients and recipe and two important section: History and Trivia, based on books of Craddock, Bullock and other famous bartenders;
• customizable and sortable Favorite list based on various criteria;
• searchable cocktail list by alphabetical order, categories, ingredients, glass;
• sharing a cocktail and its recipe on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail and sms;
• the Extra section, with the history of cocktails, the equipments, the glasses, the tecqniques and more;
• the Calc, to convert centiliter to ounce, and viceversa;
• the Glossary, with the most used terms and the basic products;
• CocktailsPlus for Apple Watch, with all the cocktails to "your wrist" and with the special section "Bartender Training" in which you will be able to pour liquid using the metal pour and the Apple Watch!