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Cocktails For Real Bartender

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Cocktails For Real Bartender

Become a real bartender and learn how to make over 400 cocktails with simple step-by-step.

and more:

• Cocktails divided into 15 categories, from soft drinks to those made from whiskey through the official IBA (International Bartenders Association) until the alphabetical list general.
• Each cocktail have his description of taste, intensity and the right glass for serving.
• Favorites list.
• "Step-by-step" each step is exemplified by an icon. In a short time you just need to read the ingredients and realize your perfect cocktail.
• "Cocktail Fider", a fantastic tool that searches for cocktails based on the ingredients you have at home.
• "Cromococktails", choose what to prepare based on the color of the drink.
• "Spirits" More than 30 tabs to learn the main ingredients of your cocktails.
• "Glasses" Each cocktail worthy of the name deserves the perfect glass.
• "Tools" All the tools to make the best cocktail.
• "Cocktail Tips" Each evening, the application give you, with a notification, cocktail tips for enjoy the night.
• "Advanced Search", search for title, taste, ingredients, or intensity.
• "Surprise Cocktails" random cocktail to try something new.
• "Share" share your favorites cocktails on Facebook, Twitter.
• "Cocktails PRO" Advertising annoying you? Get Cocktails PRO
• Cocktails for Apple Watch, all cocktails on your wrist.
Mattia Confalonieri