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Always overshadowed all your friends eloquently every time you talk about football as if you were the Football Pope, but… still draw Position Diagram with default system application such as MSPaint? Still hectically capture screens, copy/paste odds and ends linked by stupid arrows and upload them painfully to forums until you drop? Stillllllll try to beat all the others during tactic discussions with words like ‘drive down the sideline, cross, cut then volley’?

We wouldn’t allow you!

For your good-looking’s sake, KSDesign Football Fans Team offered you respectfully and specifically THIS convenient and reliable tactic board featuring:
All commonly used lineup diagrams;
Handy function to drag position smoothly;
A variety of ways to draw offence/defense strategy;
Screen-capture gadget and sharing tools available for email and twitter~

Your tactic discussion won’t be empty talk any more – it’s so easy to choose diagrams, drag players, chart strategies and share within a blink.

Once you get your own FanBook, you are not far from a clear rise to the first class player, outshining garrulous boring counterparts without a second!

-----Marasona, Oct.26.1863, 11’s Bar

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