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Clover Dashboard

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Clover Dashboard

Clover Dashboard let's you watch your Clover business from the palm of your hand. Know exactly how much revenue your business is generating in real-time.

Quickly view your recent transactions so you know how busy you are when you’re busiest--all on your iPhone. See revenue trends at a glance. Tap into a day for details on gross sales, refunds, net revenue, and tips collected. View your closeout batches for the day and compare recent batches. Understand the tender and card types your customers are using and compare how much revenue each employee is generating.

With all that you can do in the palm of your hand, Clover Dashboard also allows you to know your business like the back of your wrist.

With your Apple Watch, you can get real-time information on what's going on in your business. View current sales, refunds, and net revenue right from your wrist. Compare last week's sales to today's and motivate your employees to beat their previous record. See employees and their clock in time, and view open tables as well as the total amount on their bill.
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