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Closer-Next Gen World Clock

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Closer-Next Gen World Clock

How many times you stare at a world clock and have no idea why you added it? What does it represent? "Maybe John live in Chicago, or maybe not, I don't know!!!!"

Closer is a free app that would replace your old world clock app forever. With the idea of connecting people instead of connecting cities, we bring your international friends closer to you than ever.

Yeah, Closer is a tool. But so does the Weathers app on you iPhone which you use daily to check the weather tomorrow. We believe Closer is a similar thing that you can use daily to check if it's a nice time to call your friends. family and business partners abroad. Then you can call directly from the app, or write a message/email to them, also directly from the app. No need to check the time in one app, then switch back to another app to call, another app to message and another app to write an email...

No, Closer cannot replace your contact, maybe not yet. But it will. After you use it for a while, you will realize Closer is the new way to stay connected internationally, and we hope you will fall in love with it.

And the app will update constantly with new features and languages support, so stay tuned! Thanks!