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Cloaked Data

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Cloaked Data

Cloaked Data is a secure modern password manager that works with iPhone®, iPad®, Apple Watch®, and Mac®.

· Cloaked Data protects and manages all your password data securely using modern strong encryption algorithms (AES-256).
· Cloaked Data keeps all your password data and information on your device, not a server.
· With Cloaked Data, you only need to remember the main app login password instead of trying to remember lots of passwords and user information. You can also use Touch ID® or Face ID® for app login.
· To help provide security with using Cloaked Data in a public area, your data can be masked, either app-wide or individually.

· Data is organized as items within two folder levels: groups (teal color) and categories (gold color).
· Items contain your detailed information such as user names, passwords, and account numbers in its records and notes.
· You can have any number of records within an item, items within a category, categories within a group, or groups.
· Records can be re-ordered or modified. Swiping left on a record reveals options for inserting a new record or deleting the current record.
· Add a new group, category, or item using the + symbol located at the top of the view.
· A long-press (right click on Mac) on a group, category, or item will show options such as renaming, moving, duplicating an item, or deleting.

Without a purchase, you can download and use Cloaked Data on all your iPhones, iPads, and Macs. However, all entries are entered manually into Cloaked Data on each device and stored on that device.

With a purchase, Cloaked Data can:
· Synchronize content across devices sharing a common iCloud® account
· Create encrypted backup files from Cloaked Data on your device or iCloud Drive® and restore from those files on any of your devices.
· Import CSV format data files from other password managers: 1Password™, BitWarden™, LastPass™, Keeper, or DataVault.
· Export the database contents to an unencrypted CSV file.
· Create a second password for a trusted person to access Cloaked Data in the case of a forgotten primary password or in the event of an emergency.
· Display database content using Cloaked Data on Apple Watch®.
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