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1. Create your profile, by following the easy on screen steps.

2. Once your profile is created, you can hire vehicles via the CliQ APP.
CliQ offers a unique solution whereby the user can hire a vehicle per hour, and return it at any CliQ Designated Hire Zones.

There are no car keys involved, and no human assistance needed.
You unlock the vehicle VIA THE APP!


Once the rental period has come to an end, we expect the vehicle to be back at the location which you had initially hired the vehicle from. Don't worry, you can leave the vehicle elsewhere, at a collection fee of course ;)

Book A Car - Tap on this if you are ready to book out a vehicle. We will take you through a step by step process. Once the payment has been made, the vehicle will become available through the "My Reservation" tab.

Branch Locator - Locate all of the CliQ's branches from inside the APP.

Message - Any notification that we think you should be aware of will come through here!
For example: "You have 30 minutes before the end of the rental agreement. Would you like to extend the rental period?"

Help - Having an issue with the system? Come to this tab to contact us!

Payment - Once you have registered, your card will be visible from this tab.

Terms and Conditions apply.

For any other queries please email us at: [email protected]