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Climber Diary

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Climber Diary

Climber Diary is here to help you to climb even harder! Track your sessions and training, visualize your climbing progress and identify those points that will make you climb the next level!

+ Easy climbing session capture

This is the only app that allows you to effortlessly add and track all your climbing sessions (during or after the session) including specific details such as the climbing style, date and duration of the session, location and session “mood”.

Within each session, you will be able to add the ‘grades’ of each of your climbs plus your view about the style of the climb (i.e. ‘pumpy’, ‘crimpy’ or ‘balancy’). Other cool features are that you can add the mood of the session (good session, ok one or horrible session), if your session was indoors or outdoors and if you were bouldering, leading or top roping.

Adding all these data to your session is a matter of seconds as the app has been designed to minimise the amount of time you spend logging the climb. After all is about climbing not inputting data!

+ Track your progress

Climber Diary contains a unique setting that allows you to visualise your climbing performance weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly so that you can easily visualise your evolution, identify your pinpoints and focus your training. You can also compare these climbs against the same previous period (e.g. last week with this week).

We have built the app so that it supports all these grading standards : ‘Hueco’, ‘French’, ‘British Technical’, ‘Yosemite Decimal System’, ‘UIAA’, 'Australia', 'RSA' or ‘Font’

+ Profile

You can create and update your profile as you want even adding a photo make it more personal.

+ Climbing gym passes

You can also add and scan your favourite climbing centre passes, either a barcode or QR code, which will help all of you who tend to forget their membership cards.

+ Grade Calculator

One last thing that we have added is a grade calculator to help you figure out what each grade means in other standards.

+ More coming soon!
We are always updating the app so please feel free to let us know your thoughts by sending an email to alex [at]
Mobiski Limited