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Clifix App is your ‘Care from Home’ Technology App.

It allows you to record and store health vitals like Blood Pressure, ECG, Sugar levels, Oxygen and Pulse amongst other relevant medical and health information on your phone. In addition to yourself, the App offers adding 4 family members /loved ones on the same App, making it your mini - platform to monitor the health of your loved ones.

It is equipped with Tele-medicine thereby allowing audio-video connectivity with the doctors /hospitals. You can also upload medical reports and doctors' prescriptions on the App.

The App further provides an option to opt for ‘Remote Patient Monitoring’ wherein a specialized team is monitoring the vitals on a continuous basis to ensure monitored care at all times.

We integrate with the health app (HealthKit) to read and track your vital records like steps, sleep, heart rate, temperature, glucose, SPO2 data and showing them in the app to keep the track of user vitals.

Also user can purchase the Health care kit using below link-

Please click on the below URL to get our health kit
Satyen jain