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Client for HUJI

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Client for HUJI

• Client for HUJI is *NOT* affiliated with HUJI and is a third party client intended to help students in their study period at the university.

Client for HUJI is a new and improved application for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, it includes a simpler more streamlined interface and a huge amount of features to aid you at your university.

Features include:
• Quick access to your timetable with your class rooms on a map, including a widget in the today center, and the ability to share your timetable in your favorite apps to your contacts.
• Full timetable editing to manage your hours and course colors as you like, and it's all synced across your devices!
• Print easily from your device on all three campuses without having to remember your campus's printing email, with an easy to use extension (check More -> Printing for a how to guide).
• Unlock doors in Rothberg CS building for Computer Science/Engineering students
• Access to your upcoming exams, including the exam rooms on a map, and the ability to add them to your device's calendar.
• Download your previous exam papers as they're available directly from the app.
• Access to your courses, including grades, of any year.
• GPA calculator that allows you to plan ahead and check how your GPA is affected by grades, including the ability to use the syllabus to calculate a course grade.
• Quick access to the Shnaton and syllabus for every course listed in the app, as well as any course number.
• Access to your finances to stay up to date on how much you've paid.
• Complete campus map to help you find restaurants, cafés, libraries, computer stations, and more…, including opening times when available.
• Reminders for your classes, configurable as 15 or 30 minutes before, or right when the class starts.
• Quick access to the most important contacts on campus, including Safety, Campus Security, and faculty emails.
• Quick access to the campus shuttle times, including a today widget for the next shuttle.
• Switch to other users and log back into your user with your fingerprint, for that time when a friend wants to check their profile.
• Complete caching allows you to browse the previous data, in case you have no internet connection.

We hope you find all the features useful, and good luck in your studies.

• The HUJI logo and name are copyrighted and owned by their respective owners, their use in this app is under their terms and conditions listed on
Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh