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Clicker Pro

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Clicker Pro

Don’t lose count of your reps or laps anymore. When you're working out, running around the track or pushing yourself to your absolute limit, you’re fully concentrating on the task at hand. When you’re working hard, it takes immense focus, and you can’t be bothered to keep track of each rep and every set. Clicker Pro keeps a tally on the numbers for you.

Even if you aren't interested in fitness or working out, Clicker Pro can be useful for counting anything: how many chores the children did last week, how many days you've gone without lighting up a cigarette, how many times you've gassed up this month to help you estimate expenses and anything else you may want to keep tabs on.

Focus on your workout:
- Track reps and sets with minimal effort.
- Know how many laps you’ve run.
- Keep score when playing sports.
- Get totals for just about any daily activity.

Clicker pro contains 3 clickers for the best workout possible: clicker timer for rest time between sets, double clicker for reps and sets, single clicker.