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Claro MagVR

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Claro MagVR

MagVR makes small items look bigger. Make small text in books and newspapers readable, study and photograph small objects and labels, see menus in the dimly lit restaurant.
The wide range of magnification, high contrast and colour viewing options makes the text easier on your eyes.

Claro MagVR is developed by experts in low vision technology, and we look to use the power of iOS to provide a high performance cost effective alternative to dedicated hand held video magnifiers.

Feature Summary;
• MagX has 16 levels of magnification with the maximum of 16x times zoom
• Advanced visual features include full colour mode, two colour mode and grey scale mode. There is also an Invert Function to change display contrast.

You can control MagVR using the Apple Watch MagVR companion app, or by using an iOS compatible gamepad.

On the gamepad you change the display modes using:

X - Toggle invert.
Y - Take a photo.
A - Change filter: none, shaded, etched.
B - Cycle colour effects.
Dpad up - Zoom in.
Dpad down - Zoom out.
Claro Software Limited