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City Jog

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City Jog

Thank you for visiting. We are Upley, and we created CityJog Tracker and Trainer App for all joggers and runners, of all levels, who:

1) Have fitness goals but are not sure how to start and achieve them 
2) Are experienced and want to advance their level or improve
3) Want to jog or run outdoors in a very smart way to maximize benefits
4) Enjoy exercising in the city or nature and prefer not to be on a treadmill 
5) Prefer not to be tied down with gym memberships or any other monthly subscription and service fees

By learning about your goals, CityJog will recommend workouts and programs specific to your personal and fitness goals.

When you exercise, CityJog will guide you through workouts with segment-by-segment Siri like vocal instructions (Guide Plus, see below for more details).

Each workout targets a specific heart exercise zone. Since zones are unique to you, CityJog will personalize these zones and track your progress with the most accurate information possible (Track Plus) , see below for more details).

CityJog runs independently on iPhone or Apple Watch. We have made it possible so that if you prefer to jog or run light, your Apple Watch can run the majority of workouts available. However, if you enjoy taking your phone out, CityJog on Apple Watch improves your exercise experience by adding Heart Rate Monitoring & Zone targetting capabilities to your iPhone.

CitJog on iPhone also supports Low Energy Bluetooth Heart Sensors like POLAR known for accuracy, timely delivery, and energy efficiency.

Main Features

Twenty & Thirty Minutes 10-level Workouts:
- Weight Loss
- Aerobic
- Stamina
- Interval
- Pyramid
- Fartlek
- Ladder Speed

Distance Training:
- 5K/3MI
- 10K/6MI
- 21K/13MI - Half Marathon
- 42K/16MI - Marathon

TRACK Plus (available free of charge):
- Personalized Heart Exercise Zones with tracking.
- Personal Bests tracking for 1k,2k,3k,5K etc. and announcements.
- Heart Exercise Zone tracking with duration and calories.
- Weekly & Monthly totals for distance, calories, fat loss, time spent, and more.
- Fat burn and associated calories tracking.
- Health App Integration.

GUIDE Plus (available free of charge):
- Workouts & Program segment-by-segment Siri like vocal instructions and much more!
- Goal selector and workout recommendations.
- Heart Exercise Zones.
- Workouts target Heart Exercise Zones and benefits.
- Workout half-way announcement so you can start to head back to your starting point.

Heart Rate Sensors (available free of charge):
- CityJog on iPhone supports Low Energy Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensors (like POLAR H7-H10 and more).
- CityJog on iPhone supports Heart Rate from Apple Watch.

Standard (available free of charge):
- Beginner Interval Workout - available after sharing a post on a social network.
- Distance Target.
- Calories Target.
- Time Target.
- Start and Go (no target).

- Experience Points (XP) to unlock any paid Program or Workout for FREE!
- Runs independently on iPhone and/or Apple Watch.
- Social Cards to share achievements with friends and keep motivated.
- Light & Dark Appearances.
- Imperial and Metric support.

Want to shape future versions of this great product?
Become a Beta User - a CityJogger that'll work closely with our product development team! You can start by registering for the Beta Program at

Do you have feedback or questions for us?
We want to hear from you. Customer feedback is the most important thing to us. You can provide your feedback at

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