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Circa Lunar

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Circa Lunar

A cyclical alternative to the tyranny of linear time. Designed as a companion to Circa Solar, Circa Lunar is a new cross-platform calendar app that reconnects us to our ancient mythical, physical, and mental relationships to the Moon.

The Moon has always been intimately linked with human culture. We have observed it made sense of its changing phases for millennia. Today technological progress has enhanced our relationship to our nearest celestial neighbour (to such a degree that we have stood upon its surface and mapped its every crevice), but linear technological progress has now drastically reduced the moon's significance in our everyday lives.

Circa Lunar resurfaces the millennia old natural human tendency to trace observable patterns in our immediate environment, and to increasingly make sense of those patterns.

Freeing ourselves of the tyranny of the empirical calendar allows us to decolonise time itself, the erratic modern 12 month grid is reverted to 13 Lunar cycles of equal lengths, the attributes of days are relative the phases of the Moon's waxing and waning rather than working weeks and sabbaths. Time returns to a measurement of the poetry of luminance, rather than mere counting of numeracy.
Robert Hunt