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'Vote with your heart' on media and entertainment. Cinemmerse shows your pulse rate increase to media, plus your calories burned while watching it, calculates a 5 star 'heart starter' rating based on your average pulse rate increase, and submits it as a vote to, together with user-points for every calorie you lost. As a special feature for the upcoming UK election, browse UK election ads ,and Trump's ads, and see how much they increased your pulse, how many calories you burn while watching them, then 'vote with your heart' literally- to rate the ads on Cinemmerse.

Cinemmerse also puts media on the map, literally, so you can watch media about the locations that interest you the most, and scenes near you. For election ads; sample locations are used as example. Check back into the app for more media uploads. You can sort the log to list the top heart-rated media, the closest media to you, and the most recently added media too.

Cinemmerse integrates with the HealthKit App, and is for informational purposes, strictly not for medical use or treatment.

Why Cinemmerse?

CINEMMERSE. 'MOVE ME'. (Move the map, and watch a film that moves your heartbeat).

Cinemmerse is introducing never-before-done-in-cinema features- with an Apple Watch.

Cinemmerse is immersive, wearable and smart cinema on demand that can read your emotions. A cutting edge fusion of films, mapping and wearable technology, pioneering the next generation of media and news: interactive and on the go. Founded by a woman.

Cinemmerse pioneers future-forward film experiences using heart-starter ratings, and 'cine-maps'

Cinemmerse is re-coining the term 'biodata' as 'biofeedback' data and putting it to exciting uses. In the flood of digital content that we're 'immersed in', how can we find the best media? We rate films based on your heart beat response.

Why is this important? The films that reach audiences for example are often not the best films or even the most popular films – they’re the most popular filmmakers. And the ‘opinion’ ratings systems for films are often neither accurate or honest. Cinemmerse instead uses scientifically based ratings, to rank media based on your heart-beat response- (to answer the question, was it a heart starter, the purest form of emotional reaction there is).

Plus the ratings show the ads and films affect on your health. And the good news is- media is good for your health! Watching a 'heart-starter' burns calories and can even help you lose weight. It's not only horror films that make your heart jump. Tear-jerkers, romances and action films all have an impact. Studies show that laughter is also good for the heart, so comedies are good for your body as well as your soul.

With the Cinemmerse 'heart-starter star' rating, you can see which films and ads moved people the most, and how much they moved you too, as well as how many calories you burned while watching them. 'Couch potato' is no longer a bad thing- because studies show that when you watch a horror film that scares you a lot, you lose the equivalent of a chocolate bar of calories. That means you can watch a film, while eating a chocolate, and a good film leaves you guilt-free.

"Our 'business' is in pure emotion, and scientifically based ratings", says founder Wendy Dent, "offering you 'emotional truth'.

Your life is on-demand and on the go- on Cinemmerse, your movies are too.

Cinemmerse literally puts films "on the map" - so you can explore the world through film. Zoom in to satellite imagery to get the real picture of the world around you, and a dynamic window into the world through film, and find scenes filmed near you or the social issue topics that interest you. With our 'cine-map', we champion content that is niche and local, instead of mass-made, for the global audience: we further the 'buy local' movement. You eat local, shop local, read local. Now you can WATCH local.
Wendy Dent