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Cigarette Count

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Cigarette Count

You can easily track your smoking habit, keep it under control and reduce it with this app. You can see how many cigarettes you smoke, how much money you spend, and how many packs you consume during the app using period. The easiest way to quitting smoking is keeping under control, and the easiest way to keeping something under control is by keeping track and visualizing.

Also by clicking the heart button on the right bottom, you can see how much give damage to your body and get help from the World Health Organization. (This app does not have any association with the World Health Organization.)

After setting the price and the number of cigarettes in the package, click on the lighter in the application or in the widget whenever you smoke, to indicate that you smoked. So when you look back, you can easily see how many cigarettes you smoked on which day and you can compare with today to see how much progress you have made.

If you want to customize the application, you can write a name on the cigarette pack, change the color of the package, or specify the color of the filter.

- You can share with us your thoughts at the comments or directly to our contact page so that we can take our application to further levels.
Enes Akkus