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Chronolog creates your "Life log" by visualizing it.

*What are the differences between this and other time management applications?
・Chronolog has a variety of graphs to select from. This makes it easy to review your own life style from different perspectives.
・Logging is made simple through the one tap start option. You can also log from an Apple Watch or widget without opening the app.
・Automatically synchronize work out activity logged from an Apple Watch into our app. (This app uses work out data of HealthKit for saving work out time)
・Access stored data easily by tapping any calendar date.
・Directly post graphs to Twitter.

*How to use?
・Create activity buttons such as “study”, “chore” or “work,” then press the performing activity button to start logging.
・Analyze data through pie charts, bar graphs and more.
・Goals can be set and checked at anytime throughout the day.

Upgrade and gain access to more features:
・Unlimited stored data after 30 days.
・Premium graphs displaying activity time transition.
・Remove all advertisements.
・A one time upgrade will give permanent access to all these features.

Data collection and time analysis is on the rise with success. Optimize your life and download Chronolog today.
Tsukasa Mannen