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Chronofit is one of the first fitness application completely free, operating as a social network.

Chronofit is your application, the easiest and the most customizable possible for your fitness workout. It allows you to create your own workout by choosing among a data base of exercices supplied by the community and ranked by sport activity (weight training, Crossfit, HIIT, body weight, Yoga etc.), level and muscle group. 
Share your creations or find out new ones and join our growing community! #StrongerTogether


Weight loss, fitness, mass gain, and more, whether in the gym, outdoors or at home, with or without equipment, for coaches, experienced athletes or beginners, all your workouts and goals are achievable with Chronofit, the choice is yours.
* For the coaches : Use Chronofit for your remote coaching and follow your clients/students performance
* For athletes : Create your workout from A to Z or use those shared publicly by the community for your session. Follow your daily evolution through our activity tab. You will have access to your workout history, the muscles you have worked on and your measurements
Finally, you can follow your favorite coaches or athletes. Don’t miss their latest posts !



#Create your own workout and exercise
- Build your own exercises with step-by-step instructions
- Build your own workouts with both the community’s exercises and yours
- Set your workouts and exercises access to private or public

#Find your perfect workout
- Choose from the workouts created by our community
- Locate your workout by level, type and muscles targeted.
- Save your workout in your list and play it directly in the app

#Explore the exercises
- Find the perfect exercise based on exercise type and muscle group
- Watch the step-by-step instructions
- Build your own workout with any exercises in the app

#Built-in timer for all created workouts
- Play every workout within the app
- Beep at the end of each sets
- Display exercise’s pictures
- Automatically count the number of sets

#Timer mode
- Automatic sets counting
- Beep during the last 5 seconds of your rest time
- Set your own rest times
- Set the number of sets you want

#Track your progress
- Take a picture every day
- See all muscles worked in a specific period
- Create animated gif or video of your transformation

#Apple Watch app
- Get your workout list on your watch
- Start a workout without your iPhone
- Include Timer mode

#Health app integration
- When using the timer mode or doing a workout in the Apple Watch app, your health data will be sent to Health app

- iOS 14

Questions, comments or feedbacks? We would love to hear from you! Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.
Cao Tri DO