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Chronic Timer

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Chronic Timer

You concentrate on your workout, Chronic will take care of timing! Anyone who is serious about working out knows that the key is a routine.

Chronic by definition is "Of long duration, continuing or recurring event" and thats what the app is about. Its a simple routine timer that allows you to run through your personalized routine.

Chronic is designed for:
- Workouts
- High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
- MMA, boxing, BJJ, martial arts, yoga or any other forms of exercise that alternate between periods of work and rest
- Running, jogging or CrossFit

You can use Chronic in your workout to increase:
- Aerobic endurance
- Cardio endurance
- Muscle strength, size and endurance
- Fat loss

Chronic will make any workout:
- Easier to plan and execute
- More accuracy and consistent

Core features:
√ A beautiful Apple Watch app so you can track your routines from your wrist.
√ Fully customizable routines
√ A run tracker feature with a gorgeous fully size map and route markings
√ Text-To-Speech feedback so you know where you are in the routine (Haptic feedback on Apple Watch)
√ A quick timer feature (time selector up to the second)
√ Routines run in the background with notifications
√ Reminder notifications so you never miss a workout
√ Integration with the Health app and Activity Rings so your workouts count
√ 3D Touch support with home quick actions
√ Optimized for iPhone, iPad (portrait and landscape) and Apple Watch

Other use-cases:
- Cooking with the simple "Quick Timer" feature
- Practicing timed tests, presentations or even simply timing yourself between studying and resting.

Health App
We have added integration with the health app, that means all your workouts will now be saved and available on the Health app (If available on your iDevice and you authorized it). Upon completion of your workout, Chronic will save your workout in the health app and update your activity rings. If you stop your workout halfway, we will prompt you with a messaging asking to save the workout so nothing is lost.

* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life
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