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Christmas Radio USA

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Christmas Radio USA

Welcome to Christmas Radio! Hosted by Santa.
The Biggest and Best Christmas Radio Station on the planet.
As voted for by Santa's Elves.

If you love Christmas, you will love it.
Fed up with Christmas Radio just delivering the same songs? 
Tired of it sounding like 1 Christmas compilation after another? 
Want all the Christmas music with the FUN of Christmas too?
You need Christmas Radio USA!

Santa hosts the shows and is mildly amusing in-between the songs too. 
You'll here celebrities and listeners popping up too.

There is a chance for you to join in and hear yourself on air too with Santa's Little Helpers.

Start the snow with the Snow Explode button and switch the Fairy Lights on or off.

By downloading this app you accept Santa Radio’s Terms and Conditions,
See website for details

Merry Christmas to you all.