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Chord Cheats & Metronome

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Chord Cheats & Metronome

App featured on the Apple Watch - Music apps official ad from Apple:
Twitter: @quickgets
Now with Apple Watch WatchOS 2 support! Listen the chords directly on your wrist. And as a bonus, you also get a tone generator and a full featured metronome for the Apple Watch!

Important notice: as the Watch App relies on resources that belong to WatchOS2, in order to have the app in your Apple Watch, you must update your watch os to WatchOS2.

With Chord Cheats you will have directly in your wrist the chord you are looking for, as well as in your phone.
Select the tonic and the function, and access to the desired chord from the 144 diagrams included with a single movement, and if you have an Apple Watch, with a few touches you will get the same diagram quickly.
Also get in the watch the string tones for tuning your guitar. And now, with WatchOS 2, you have a new fulll-featured metronome, with tempo and beat selection.

Chords included:
- Maj
- min
- sus2
- sus4
- 6
- 6/9
- aug
- 7
- Maj7
- m7
- dim
- m7b5

if you find any chord displayed incorrectly, please write to [email protected]
Alvaro Maroto Conde