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Chlorine Personal Swim Trainer

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Chlorine Personal Swim Trainer

Please welcome a new personal swim trainer, called Chlorine, it helps to do the best results with your iPhone. Set goals, do result, make achievements, be healthier and all of this do with Chlorine. Awesome design and a great performance will do the best user experience for everyone, enjoy that.

App features and benefits:

- Log in via Facebook or use your phone, you don't need to remember your password, the app will do it instead of you securely
- Connect your Apple Watch to the app for tracking your workouts automatically
- Use already set training for all levels of training, there are great for beginners and professionals alike
- Create your own training, edit, remove... You can be free as trainer for yourself and someone else with the app
- Make achievements, the app helps to motivate yourself
- Share your progress with friends
- Review all of your workouts
- Create new workouts directly from the app or using the Apple Watch
- View your progress and stats on your profile page
- All your information will be saved in the cloud, don't worry about your data, the app will do this
- Great today extension will help to see your progress without opening the app
- Top 25 of swimmers in the app
- The app uses the data from Health app (using HealthKit)
Maksym Bilan