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Across the world, millions of people embark on hikes and mountain climbs every year. Be it for exercise, training or to simply embrace the natural beauty of mountainous landscapes, it's no surprise that people in their millions flock to these natural wonders each and every day.

However, despite their beauty, these natural wonders can be deceptively dangerous. Every year, thousands of people suffer from hiking related injuries. In most cases, these injuries are avoidable, often caused as a result of inadequate preparation and insufficient knowledge of the dangers of mountainous landscapes.

Chiru is designed to act as your personal mountaineering assistant, providing you with valuable weather, location and altitude information when and where you need it. Chiru's simple and intuitive interface makes mountain navigation a breeze, quickly enabling you to take note of your location and regain your bearings in unfamiliar environments.

In particular, Chiru gives you access to the following features:
• Built-in GPS, compass and altimeter provide highly accurate readings on the go
• OSI grid reference data provided in Ireland
• Google Maps satellite and 3D terrain mapping
• Hourly forecasts provided by Dark Sky enable you to plan ahead safely
• Today widget
• Apple Watch app

Chiru also provides a built-in Emergency Mode system which provides the following essential support features should you get into difficultly while hiking:
• Emergency SMS
• Emergency Call
• Visual SOS: Broadcast a Morse Code 'SOS' signal using the built-in flash on your smartphone
• Torch

Each of these features has been selected to provide specialised assistance in the many and varied conditions which can be experienced whilst hiking.

With Chiru by your side, you can feel free to enjoy the fantastic natural beauty of the mountains, safe in the knowledge you're prepared for the unexpected.
Richard Taylor