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ChirpOMatic is Europe’s top-selling bird identification app. It helps you identify European birds quickly and easily, from the squeak of the tiny Goldcrest to the Crane's loud trumpeting.

1. Record the bird song or call using your iPhone or iPad.
2. ChirpOMatic analyzes the audio to identify the bird species based on its unique vocalizations.
3. The app gives the name of the bird, or birds.
4. In the case of poorer recordings, the app provides a short list of the most probable birds, ranked according to the likelihood of a correct identification.
5. Access additional information about the identified bird species, including brief descriptions of their song, and details of special features to listen out for.
6. Your recordings are stored on your phone along with the date and location − a great way to listen and remember the moment. Recordings can be shared using AirDrop, WhatsApp, messages or email.

Birdwatchers, enthusiasts and researchers.

> Easy to use
No technical or birding skills required.

> Ethical and responsible
The app’s innovative Bird-safe mode plus an automatic Night-time mode prevent sound and light from disturbing nesting birds.

> Accuracy
The app is constantly updated and improved. Created by Spiny Software, a small team of skilled, dedicated professionals with an eye for detail and accuracy, committed to delivering the highest quality software.

> Privacy
The app doesn’t collect your recordings or personal data to ensure privacy.

> Customer service
Excellent customer support ensures a reply within 24 hours.

> Forgot your phone?
Use your Apple Watch to record sounds for identification later on your phone.

> Contribute to research
Email us your best recordings and we’ll share them with birdwatchers, expert ornithologists, and enthusiasts worldwide, via the Xeno-canto website. As a result, your recordings will contribute to the understanding and appreciation of bird diversity and behavior.

Happy bird listening!

"Top of the pile of bird song recognition apps" - Bird Watching magazine
The only birdsong app that can safely be used on nature reserves!
Featured by Apple in "Celebrate Springtime" and "App of the Day".
Spiny Software Ltd