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ChirpO-Caribbean Birdsong ID

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ChirpO-Caribbean Birdsong ID

The verdant islands of the Caribbean support some spectacular bird life and nearly a third of the birds are not found anywhere else in the world. The variety is astonishing but they can be hard to spot. ChirpOMatic is the easiest way to find out what is around.

• We have used our expertise in app development to make the app easy to use. No skill or knowledge of birds required.
• The app includes a reference section with bird sounds, descriptions of the sounds, and photos
• Share your recordings with friends using WhatsApp, Messages, Airdrop or Email
• ChirpOMatic respects your privacy. You don’t need an account, and your recordings are for you alone. We only hear your recordings if you choose to send them to us
• We listen to the recordings that are sent to us and the best ones are posted (with your permission) on the Xeno-canto website, the world-wide resource for bird sound research
• If you don't have your phone with you, you can use your Apple Watch to record sounds for identification later
• Thanks to ‘bird-safe’ mode, ChirpOMatic is the only bird app that can be used anywhere at any time without risk of disturbing nesting birds

• When you hear a bird, hold up your phone and tap the orange button to start recording
• Record for up to 10 seconds, then wait a few moments for the result
• You will be shown details of the bird that was singing
• Compare your recording with the reference samples and description to check the identification
• If you don't have a data connection, then the sound is saved for analysis later

"Chirp-o-magic! Love it. And the Grandkids do too"
Spiny Software Ltd