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Chinese Joy

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Chinese Joy

CHINESE JOY app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is a brand-new Chinese vocabulary-building game centre designed for kids learners of Chinese. The app covers 500+ useful Chinese words from daily life, integrated learning progress into various of stimulating game play. It motivates and engages young learners with cute and colourful characters, vibrant images and lively music, let them happy to learn the pronunciation, appearance of the Chinese characters and lots of useful information through gaming.


* Complete content: 500+ Words with 24 Categories in 9 Units.

* Various challenges: Each unit includes at least 3 types of learning games, 2 types of reviewing games and the unique creative painting game.

* Interactive touch events: more motivate ways to learn and play with tap and drag gestures on mobile devices.

* Friendly user interface: All the views, characters, contents and sounds are always produced with kids friendly UI and UX principle.

* Professional dubbing: Encouraging language & professional clear standard mandarin pronunciation bring the app to life.

* Magic review: repeat the known words within the new games based on the "Forgetting curve" theory. With the magic book to help them collect all the known cards, which they could lookup and review anytime they want.

* Universal design: designed for both iPhone and iPad modals.


For any technical issues, please email us at [email protected]

We hope you and your little ones enjoy our product.

Scrumptiously yours,

Chinese Joy Team
DotSoft Ltd